Sunday, August 30, 2015

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson Leaves the Pits on Carb Day, 2014
 The great thing about the Indycar series is that it's not just racing. It's not just technology and competition and strategy, it's stories. Every driver has his or her own story that gives depth, makes him interesting, and provides a reason to cheer. Justin Wilson had one of the best stories. One of the very top talents in the series, he was a guy usually stuck in mid- or back-of-the-pack equipment, someone who'd overcome dyslexia, had driven in Formula 1, had an innovative way to fund his success, and was by all accounts a nice guy. Some drivers have a 'larger-than-life' personality to go with their larger-than-life talent. Justin Wilson had a down-to-earth personality to go along with his.

Justin Wilson was one of the best things about being an Indycar fan. His loss leaves a void that won't be easily filled. We're going to miss him.

Justin Wilson Talks to the Fans, Carb Night Burger Bash 2015

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