Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank You

Cyber Monday has come and gone, and now it's time to thank every one who placed an order for one of my T-shirts during the sale. Your business is greatly appreciated.

Didn't place an order, but still want a T-shirt? All of the shirts will be available for order again very, very soon. The bad news is that quantities will be limited. The good news is that immediate shipping will be available!

If you don't see the size/color that you want, or have a suggestion for a different color combination or product, please let me know! I will make an effort to get a run printed up!

Click here to email me!

Back soon with more Indycar stuff, I promise!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday Special!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you noticed the t-shirts I have for sale above.

A couple of years back I realized that most of the racing t-shirts out there were uninspired, overpriced, or both. There was very little out there I wanted to drop my own money on. I started thinking about what would make cool shirts-for Indy cars and other things I like. Then it hit me-I should just make the shirts I like. Encouragement and support came from all corners, and I launched my little enterprise this year with a Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign. I've since added two more shirt designs and can say that I have sales from all over the world!

Each design is my own. I have them printed onto 100% cotton Gildan t-shirts by a small business in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The price point is a very important factor to me. Regular price for each shirt is $20.00. If you're in the USA, that price includes shipping. I pack and ship within a day of receiving the finished shirts from the printer.

With the holiday season and Cyber Monday upon us, I am running a special on all my shirts. $15.00 buys any one of them. Same shirt, same design, same quality, same shipping time, same free shipping-just $5.00 cheaper.

Orders at this price will be taken only through Cyber Monday. If you've thought about ordering but have hesitated to pull the trigger, NOW is the time! If you think they're cool and know someone that might want one-tell him or her! Better yet, order one as a gift!

Thanks again, and I hope to be mailing you a T-shirt soon!