Saturday, May 24, 2014

Live From Indianapolis...

Having a great weekend here in the Racing Capital of the World! Not much time to blog, but I figured it was time to break out the chisel and etch my race picks in stone.

1. Will Power - If his car is working good on Sunday, never count Will Power out. More importantly, the Will Power I saw win the 500 miler at Fontana last fall is ready to win another one. The big one.

2. Simon Pagenaud - Smart and fast, whether you see him or not, whether you like it or not. This should-be superstar is a threat everywhere. Especially somewhere speed and smarts are paramount.

3. Juan Montoya - It's time. His season has started, he's had time to adapt to the cars, and now he's back at Indianapolis. If you are a doubter, well: You weren't there, man! You didn't see what he did! We know! We're ready! Your minds will be blown, man!

Finally, my 'out of left field' pick; the guy with the mediocre season who will shine in one race:

Ryan Briscoe

That is all. Looking forward to the race tomorrow and seeing more of you!

Until then, here's a Carb Day pic:

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