Monday, October 7, 2013

The tide shifts...

First off, housekeeping: preorders are closed for the Racing History Shirt. The modern DW12 shirt is still available, and I can get it to you in time for the Fontana season finale if you order this week!

Next, obviously I hate to see any driver (and fans) hurt, and I wish Dario a speedy recovery. I'll be shocked if he races at California, but I'm really looking forward to seeing him race next year. Of all the active drivers, he is probably the most dominant at Indy (see 2010) and is certainly the most likely next 4-time winner.

Finally, How quickly fortunes change! Tough luck for Helio at Houston, but Scott Dixon was able to capitalize and made this championship exciting! When the TV crew reported Dixon was on the radio screaming about Helio leaking oil, how many of you said, "Sure he is, Scott..."?

More soon. I have to start looking for a local Fontana viewing party!

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