Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's Get Rolling Here

With activity in the Indycar world picking up and the official start of the 2012 racing season with the 24 Hours of Daytona, I intend to pick up the pace here and start posting regularly. I promise. No, really, I mean it.

First off, Robin Miller's weekly fan-rant column went up last week, and was full of the usual whining and pining. BUT, he did hint at something interesting regarding my last post's subject. According to Mr. Miller, Milwaukee is sure to be back on the schedule next June, but with a surprise. The only open weekend in June happens to fall on Father's Day again, which is one of the reasons attendance was so poor in 2011. (I went because "going to an Indycar race" is a pretty good Father's Day gift.) HOWEVER, the race could be run Saturday night, or even on Saturday afternoon, and hopefully in conjunction with the USAC open-wheelers Indycar management supposedly wants to court. I say right on. If I have a concern, it's that such a plan would make for 3 oval night races in 3 weeks in June. It looks like there could be a hole in the schedule in September, which I'd be all for, too. The weather is still pretty nice then.

In other news, many teams have been testing at Sebring, including some in full-dress livery. Again, Speedtv.com has the photos. I can't see what the problem with the DW12's aesthetics is. This is a cool-looking car, especially in the Penske schemes. I like that it's incorporated all the little fins and splitters and winglets that are in vogue on modern LeMans sportscars. The 2003-2011 Dallara looks even more ungainly, awkward, and dated next to it.

Quick post for today, but I'll be back. Thanks for reading!

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