Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Looking Forward

More to come soon, I promise! Including some very exciting things for Flat Into One. (To be fair, that could be about anything, considering the activity level here of late...)
Anyway, the 2012 season is taking shape as team after team is announced (so much for a too-expensive car, huh?) and engine and chassis manufacturers test and test. There seem to be some high-speed teething problems, but I'd wager that the level of openness and scrutiny seen today are the only reasons we're aware of them. I just paged through the photos I took at Indy last year and am already getting excited for the 2012 race. Of course, I have things to say about Dan Wheldon and about safety, but those will come in due time.

I know, not much to chew on today, but I haven't forgotten you, loyal readers (crickets), and I promise real, actual exciting things in the coming weeks.

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  1. We, your loyal readers, are eagerly awaiting everything that the future brings: the 2012 season and Indianapolis 500, and all that's forthcoming at FIO. It's all going to be god times, that I am sure.