Friday, May 20, 2011

NASCAR - CUP: France Says ‘Have At It’ Has Limits

NASCAR - CUP: France Says ‘Have At It’ Has Limits

I thought it would take longer for me to have something to say about NASCAR. But, the "Have At It, Boys" policy has reared its ugly head once again. These drivers have trouble understanding where the limits are? Here's a hint: nearly knocking a car into the stands while on track-not so bad. Driverless race cars sent careening down crowded pit roads-yeah, that's a little more serious. Because, you know, there are bystanders around who shouldn't have to watch out for that sort of thing after the race is over. The line, boys, is that it's ok to "have at it" on the race track, but maybe you ought to cool it (at least with the race cars) after leaving the racing surface. Is it really so difficult to understand? Or is this some passive-aggressive way for drivers to duck responsibilty?

I'm glad I've only watched one NASCAR race to be bored to tears by this season.

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